Commercial Car Wash Chemistry for
Your Complete Success


CleanTouch is a leading car wash chemical brand serving thousands of car washes across the United States and Canada. Our eco-friendly, high-performance commercial car wash formulas keep customers coming back, while improving top- and bottom-line results. We produce a full line of high-quality detergents, presoaks and wax treatments, specialty products and offer a comprehensive chemical program. Make CleanTouch your supplier, and watch your average tickets go up and your costs go down.

  • Rapid response distribution
    Avoid costly stock-outs and streamline your inventory.
  • Super-efficient packaging
    Our patented CleanFill management system features compact and easily replenished docking stations, speeding up the operation and eliminating chemical waste.
  • Trusted in the industry
    With decades of experience, we’ve washed millions of cars over the years, with thousands of sites located across North America. Read Our Story.
  • Super-concentrated formulations
    Our Hyper Series increases washes per container by as much as 50 percent, reducing waste and shipping costs.
  • Eco-friendly
    CleanTouch formulas are environmentally safe and sustainable.
  • Marketing support
    We provide you with a full line of site-specific marketing signs and collateral.

CleanTouch with the NCS Partners In Profit program has the most comprehensive solutions! 


Beyond Car Wash Chemistry
Introducing CleanTouch FX

Our exclusive line of CleanTouch FX arches will make your tunnel car wash unlike any other. Each step of the FX experience is highlighted — from the arches and lights to the chemical applicators and scents. Your customers will be dazzled with this sensory experience from start to finish. Put the entertainment back into your car wash, all while driving higher ticket averages.
"CleanTouch chemicals and lights really put on a great show. The biggest compliment we get is the finished product of the vehicle. No spots!"
Desmond Looney, Big River Car Wash, Selma, Alabama


CleanTouch is a commercial car wash chemistry manufacturer headquartered in Grimes, Iowa. In addition to our complete line of professional car wash formulas, we offer training courses through the College of Clean, chemical deliveries and complementary titration and volumetrics upon start up.

Why have thousands of car wash operations selected CleanTouch?

  • A complete line of high-quality commercial car wash formulas that includes detergents, presoaks, sealants, multipurpose cleansers, clear coats and drying agents.
  • Product Performance: Our products have been used by some of the biggest names in the car wash business for over 30 years. They trust CleanTouch products to deliver the cleanest vehicles every time.
  • CleanTouch products work with all brands of car wash equipment.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: If you’re not 100 percent satisfied, return unused product within 90 days for your money back.
  • Fast delivery: With our Rapid Response distribution network, we’ll always keep you in stock so you’ll never run out of chemicals.
  • Eco-friendly commercial car wash chemicals: All of our products are environmentally safe and sustainable.
  • Marketing support: We give you a full line of customized marketing signs and collateral, plus an online portal.
  • Trusted in the industry: With decades of experience, we’ve washed millions of cars over the years, and have thousands of customers throughout North America. Read Our Story.