Chemistry Corner

Chemistry Corner: Hyper-Series Clear Coat

Hyper Clear Coat Protectant is 50% more concentrated than Clear Coat Protectant. Discover this, and even more benefits when you switch over to our Hyper-Series line of chemicals!

Chemistry Corner: Hyper-Series Foam Detergent

Both our Hyper-Series White Foam and White Low pH Foam Detergent are 40% more concentrated than the original formulas.

Chemistry Corner: Drying Agents

CleanTouch knows their stuff when it comes to chemistry, thats why all of our products have the best ingredients to produce a great looking car after every wash. Our drying agents are no exception! See what makes us stand out, and why our drying agents are some of the best in the industry with customer

Chemistry Corner: Hyper-Series CleanCut 360

Our Hyper-Series CleanCut 360 is 25% more concentrated, does not need hazmat placards because it is non-corrosive and safe to ground ship. Compared to the standard CleanCut 360 wash quality and wetting capability will meet or exceed the standard.

Chemistry Corner: Titration

Titration is key when it comes to determining the concentration of your chemicals. This video goes over everything you need to know about your complimentary titration kits