Industries Served

CleanTouch provides the right products and services for your particular industry, so every customer leaves with a clean, shiny car.

At CleanTouch, we understand that each car wash owner has different chemical needs. With our wide assortment of products, we have exactly what you need to get the job done right — and our service teams are here to make sure you get your products when you need them. Our overall goal is to help your business succeed.

Our outstanding chemical products achieve excellent wash results and keep your equipment running optimally with low maintenance costs. Plus, we offer training courses, marketing services, and superior equipment and products through our sister companies. All services and products are available to all clients, regardless of industry, at value-based prices.

Car Wash Operators

Do you manage a tunnel or automatic in-bay car wash? CleanTouch knows what it takes for you to succeed, and we are here to help. Our full line of chemical products can’t be beat when it comes to giving your customers a clean, shiny vehicle. Plus, we provide coast-to-coast service that includes installation assistance, expert consulting and on-time chemical delivery.

Convenience Stores & Retail

Are you a convenience store (or C-store) or retail owner who operates a car wash to add value for your customers while increasing your c-store revenue? With CleanTouch, you get the high-quality, reliable chemical solutions you need, when you need them. Whether you run an automatic bay or mini tunnel system, our products and services help you turn out clean cars all year long.

Auto Dealers and Fleet Operators

Working with CleanTouch is the simplest way to make sure you have the right chemicals to produce great-looking cars for your customers. In these industries, your car wash doesn’t directly translate into increased revenues or profits. It does, however, increase your CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) scores and improve customer loyalty, which help grow your business.

New Investors

You don’t need previous car wash experience to buy or build a successful car wash business. If you’re thinking about going into the car wash business, think about CleanTouch! Our professionals have the expertise, knowledge and innovative solutions to keep your car wash functioning at peak performance and profitability levels for years to come.

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