Prep Pro 1

Prep Pro 1 is a highly effective, non-corrosive low pH presoak for use in both friction and touch-free cleaning environments. Prep Pro 1 is recommended for use as the 1st step application in a 2 step cleaning process & is compatible with all Clean Touch alkaline presoaks. It is designed to safely and effectively remove all inorganic particulates from the vehicle surface including glass and chrome. Comes as (2) 2.5 gallon jugs.

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  • Special surfactant blend to aid in removal of oily road films
  • Works well as a low pH CTA application – wheel brightener
  • Effective in both hot and cold water



Weight / Dimensions

Weight: 50lbs

Dimensions: 16″x10″x16″

System Compatibility

Works with in-bay automatic and tunnel equipment systems