The CleanFill concentrate management system allows for the consistent application of chemicals and provides a no-hassle system for refilling product

This inventory control and monitoring system works with all wash systems and brands, and makes replenishing your car wash formulas easy and safe. The system’s docking station is compatible with the 2.5-gallon CleanFill concentrate container, and its transparent packaging allows for easier product level monitoring.

CleanFill Concentrate Products and Containers

The CleanTouch concentrated product line gives you more applications per container at a lower cost per application than many competitive products in the market today. Each product comes in a special container that helps you keep your equipment room clean and organized.

Our 2.5-gallon CleanFill container helps keep your equipment room clean and organized:

  • Comes filled with a highly concentrated car wash product
  • Weighs less than 25 pounds for safer and easier handling
  • Pours easily to reduce spills while preventing product waste
  • Offers inexpensive shipping, safe handling and easy storage
  • Is made from 100 percent recyclable plastic for convenient disposal
  • Features a unique product identification


The CleanFill Concentrate System Docking Station

Engineered for compatibility with the concentrate container, the docking station:

  • Takes up less than 2 square feet of floor area
  • Comes in 14-gallon and 55-gallon units
  • Allows you to easily and quickly view the product level
  • Can be easily installed in your equipment room or in the bay
  • Can be purchased with optional covers that protect products from contamination

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